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FAQ's - day in the life sessions

FAQ's - Day in the Life sessions

"I specialize in documentary family photojournalism. I create a visual diary of your life at this moment. We all know that our kids grow up way too fast and change in the blink of an eye, and before we know it we're sad because we've forgotten what they looked like in a droopy diaper, and we've forgotten what they look like sucking on a pacifier, and we know we're going to miss the little looks, funny tantrums and big hugs in day to day life. Life as a parent is very chaotic. It is very easy to get caught up and lost in what we think are boring, mundane routines. However, there is beauty in every one of those routines, from brushing your child's teeth to tickling them on the couch to changing their diaper to pushing them on the swing for the millionth time – these moments will go away. I am here to freeze one day so that you never forget". - Kelly Koller

When do you show up and how long are you here? - For full Day in the Life sessions I arrive as your kids wake up and leave after they go to bed. For half Day in the Life sessions I either arrive as your kids wake up and stay until mid-day, or arrive mid-day and stay until they go to bed. That means if your kids wake up at 6:00am I am showing up at your door at 6:00am. I take cream, no sugar :)

Do we need to be dressed and ready for your arrival? - Please NO! I want sleepy in your eye and bed head. Remember, you hired me to capture reality.

Do I need to clean my house? - You have kids. Your house will never be clean again :) I am there to photograph a REAL day in your life, and that means if there's sippy cups on the floor and lego's on the table, then great! One day you're going to miss those sippy cups on the floor. That's why you hired me.

What if my son had football practice and my daughter has dance class? - Wherever you go I go. You're going to get some really amazing pictures of your kids doing what they love to do! I just ask that you let the coach/teacher know that I am coming so it is not a shock when your paparazzi shows up.

Do I need to feed you? - Yes. Like a beautiful house plant I need to be fed and watered throughout the day. I have absolutely no dietary restrictions and eat whatever you eat.

I have cats and dogs, is that okay? - I love animals, and they are part of your family. I try and make sure to capture your fur baby as well :)

Can we take some posed portraits? - No. Absolutely not. The entire day is photographed in strict photojournalism style. I will never pose you. I will never ask you to move and I will never move anything. As one of my clients said, "Kelly's photos capture what life is really like and not some perfectly manicured setting with perfectly groomed kiddos. It really does capture the every day; the kind of day we take for granted".

Will people look at me funny when we're out in public together? - Yes. People are going to assume that your family is a bunch of rockstars. Not only do you get some incredible photographs, but you also get to experience what the President and celebrities feel like.

How many images do I get? - A lot.

How long does it take to get my images back? - Anywhere from 30-60 days depending on the time of the year.

I don't live in Phoenix, will you travel to me? - Yes! Let me know where you are and we'll hash out the details :)

Can we take you with us on vacation? - Yes! I love vacation, even though I won't technically be on one while I'm with you. Tell me where you're going and we'll figure it all out :)