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Family Photojournalist and Editorial Portrait Photographer - Kelly Koller

Award winning photojournalist in Scottsdale, Arizona, servicing all of Arizona and destinations around the world.

Meet Kelly Koller – by Ben Koller

I would like to introduce you to my wife, Kelly, and tell you a little about what you're in for if you hire her to be your photographer.

First, you should know that Kelly has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met, so no matter what brought you here or what type of photography you are looking for, know that when Kelly is involved you are in a safe place and she will literally bend over backwards to answer any questions you have and will help make you super comfortable with your photography decisions.

Second, you should know that Kelly is the smartest and most emotional person I have ever known. I don't know that supreme intellect and overly emotional are a common combination, but I know they work for Kelly and you can see it in her work and you can feel it in her friendship. Kelly has two college degrees, knows every book ever written and has studied under some of the greatest photojournalist, portrait and wedding photographers in the world. Kelly cries at commercials, anytime the underdog wins, and at all of her "day in the life" slide shows that she makes for her clients.

Third, you should know that Kelly is my favorite photographer. I might be a little biased, but our relationship aside, she's freaking awesome! Kelly not only has the education and the mind and the thoughtfulness to see and to compose and to light properly, but she feels everything she photographs, and connects with her subjects instantly like they were her own family. When you look at Kelly's documentary work you can see her fun, quirky, dramatic and intimate sides are all constantly on display. When I watch her photograph a maternity session or a senior session I see such a connection and a way about her that makes her clients feel as beautiful as they look through her images. She takes tremendous pride in her craft, and she pours one hundred percent of herself into delivering her clients a one of a kind experience.

Kelly doesn't like ego and doesn't like to brag about accomplishments, which is why I'm writing her bio. Kelly is an internationally award winning photographer, is constantly being published and printed in various wedding and editorial magazines including several covers, has photographed commercial campaigns for companies like TopGolf, Waldorf Astoria and Enterprise and has done portrait sessions for some of the biggest celebrities in the world like Larry Fitzgerald, George Brett and President Bill Clinton.

All of her accomplishments aside, Kelly loves documenting life. I think she inhales life differently than other people do. As a mom, and as a wife, and as a person who loves living, she is constantly in-tune to how fast time passes and how quickly things change. As a photographer Kelly understands the great responsibility she has to freeze these moments so that we never forget.

I'm glad you've made it this far into this, and I hope I've shed some light on how amazing Kelly is, but most importantly I hope I've shown you a little about who Kelly is. I know how important choosing the right photographer is. You need to love their work, but you also need to connect and love the experience and the energy that the photographer brings. I encourage you if you haven't already to look through her body of work and imagine if you could see yourself or your family in those images. If you can, then reach out to her and enjoy your session!